Tuesday, February 5, 2013

My Harry Potter FIX...

So I have not done this link up in a couple of weeks and I was saddened to see the creator was not going to be doing it anymore (the link up will still exist just others will run it) yet delighted to find that the beautiful ladies that host this link up were doing a HP fashion edition!  *enter squeal here*  So I just could not resist adding my favorite Harry Potter inspired fashions to their little link up.  SO here goes nothing, these are a couple I have saved from Pinterest!  And yes I am somewhat bias on the house *cough Ravenclaw*
disney boundnot my house of choice but doggone if this isn't super cute  harry potter fashion | TumblrHarry Potter fashion, w/ pullovers
A Gryffindor outfit, for the Harry Potter fans. The Originator's blog is found here: http://notsowittywitterings.blogspot.com/2012/11/hogwarts-week-gryffindor.html
Hogwarts Houses - RavenclawHogwarts Houses - SlytherinHogwarts Houses - Hufflepuff yellow!!
Totally wearing an outfit like this to the Harry Potter party! I looove it :D  harry potter fashion | Tumblr
Hermione and Ron outfits     fashion harry potter
Moaning Mertle           "Neville Longbottom - Holiday Party"            Buy it here!

So there are my favorites!


So I am sitting at home sick when I should be at work... so I thought I would hope on here and write a post since I have been away for such a long time.  I miss writing so much, but I just have been able to find the time or words to write these last couple of weeks.  I really haven't figured out why yet.  Hang in there with my lovelies because I hope to find my writing mojo again soon.