Friday, November 30, 2012

Like a Little Kid on Christmas...

So I have mention Cara Box in the past and I just got involved this month so let me give you another run-down.  Cara Box is a monthly themed gift swap... who doesn't like getting gifts in the mail y'all!  This takes place over at Kaitlyn's blog Wifessionals.  This month I was matched up with Holly from Hello Tootsie.  She is such an amazing lady, and I had so much fun shopping for her.  The theme for this month was childhood and she outdid herself on my box!  I absolutely love my mug and the hot chocolate that came inside looks delish.  Plus, what little girl did not love playing in make-up, and markers.  I have already placed my candle on my desk.  And the stationary is also beautiful, and in my favorite  Thanks Holly for being such a great partner!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

So Very Behind...

So I know I just posted about 30 mins ago, but I forgot something.  I entered a raffle a couple of weeks ago over at Confessions of a Southern Belle and won a $50 gift certificate to Personalized From Me to You.  So due to my spam detector on my Iphone being evil efficient, I almost missed my chance, but thankfully I checked it in time.  So I finally received my code for the $50 about 10 mins. ago, and promptly purchased my cut-out monogrammed necklace!  I have been eyeing this necklace for about  3 months now and even mentioned it to hubby so he could buy it for me for my quickly approaching birthday.  I am so super excited to share this with y'all when it gets here because it is absolutely amazing and I got it for a steal after the GC.

Personalized from me to you has so many beautiful monogrammed pieces from jewelry to soap!  There is something for everyone at their shop lovelies so check it out.   Below I have added a couple of examples of their wonderful products.

                                            Personalized From Me To You
                                         Monogram Enamel Bangle Set Aqua/White Grecian
                                      Monogrammed Lifeproof Case iPhone 4 {Lipstick Shades}
                                    Monogrammed Wayfarer Sunglasses
                                         Monogram Notebook Anchor {May Books}
                                        Monogrammed Soap

I told you even SOAP!

Making Babies...

So I have been thinking about making a post about this for awhile, and I just decided the time was right.  I like to think that y'all hang around because you care what is going on in my life, and this is one of the big things right now.  I have made a post vaguely talking about it, but I wanted to get a little bit deeper into the topic.

The hubby and I are trying to have a bay bay.  We have been trying for almost a year now, and things are just not going as planned.  We tried so hard the first three years we were together to not have kids, so we thought it was going to be a piece of cake when we finally started trying.  Nope.

 It is just so frustrating because as a woman you are expected to be a fertile machine. and it just seems like I am deficient in that area.  I have been told over and over "when the time is right it will happen" or "relax and just let it happen"  I am tired of hearing this bull!  I have relaxed and I have given it time.  I want some babies!  So I have made a fertility appointment *something I never thought I would have to do* for the end of the month.  Hopefully we can find out about what's going on.

I know that there are so many woman my age struggling with infertility, and I know how it feels now.  It get really frustrating when every other day you see people on Facebook talking about being pregnant with their second or third child, and you are just praying that one day you will be blessed with one.  I have not come to terms with this I still get pissed frustrated when people my age or younger announce they are pregnant again.  So I will now get off my soapbox and move on to another topic!

I have won a co-host spot on one of my favorite link-ups Sunday's Raising Imperfection!  The wonderful ladies that host this every week are Lanaya @ Raising Reagan and Leslie @ Violet Imperfection!   So lovelies hop over to their sites and check them out also join up on Sunday.  I should have a linky on my post either Saturday night or early Sunday morning!                              
Raising Imperfection
Covered in Grace

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

So What Wednesday...

                                               So What Wednesday
This week I am saying so what to a lot!  As I get older it has gotten a whole heck of a lot easier to let things go.  Thank goodness!  I have been slacking a little this week writing because I am finalizing my research project that is due tomorrow!  This is the last big assignment of my undergrad education.  There are no words to describe how happy I am.  I finally decided where I am going to do my internship next semester... the nursing home.  I am more than happy with my decision.  Most of all I won't have to drive an hour every day anymore.  I will only have to drive about 3 miles down the road.  PLUS no weekends!  So now onto my list.

  • So what if I went out and bought season one of Once Upon a Time instead of watching it on Netflix *I hate buffering*
  • So what if I drank my orange juice in my new Disney Princesses mug *like a kid*
  • So what if I don't have my Christmas tree up yet
  • So what if I had to wake up at 12:30 this morning because my fire alarm went off and scared the crap out of all of us *I will survive*
  • So what if I get excited every time see the trailer for The Hobbit!
  • So what if I have been listening to Lana Del Rey on repeat. *She's amazing.
  • So what if I had a fan girl moment when Mike Bennett *my favorite author tweeted me back this morning!

So that my lovelies is my list for this week!  I hope you all are having a wonderful week so far, just think we are half way to the weekend.

Monday, November 26, 2012

I Love Harry Potter Link Up...

So I stumbled across this link up, and about had a stroke when I did because you all know that I adore Harry Potter!  So I thought I would join in.

i love harry potter week 9

Click link to join in!

1. Creature you'd most like to study in Care of Magical Creatures?

Thestrals-  I would be able to see the so I would love to be able to learn more about them
they seem like such amazing creatures!

2. Favorite wizarding candy?

Well I love the chocolate frogs and I still have a stash from when I went to WWWOHP this summer, but I would have to say the pumpkin pasties would be my favorite!

3. Favorite founder's item? (Sword of Gryffindor, Diadem of Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff's Cup, Slytherin's Locket)

Hmmm, I would like to say Diadem because I like to think I would be part of Ravenclaw *and it's a crown* , but I really like Slytherin's Locket

4. Favorite plot twist within a single book?

Well, when we find out that Harry is a Horcrux just did it for me.  When I was reading the books I was sure that he was going to have to die to save everyone else.  I even convinced my non-reader husband that everyone died in the last book for that very reason.  He believed this till the day we went and saw the last movie! 

5. Whose death was the most powerful for you? (This can mean the best written, most epic, most painful, most shocking, most meaningful...etc.)

Hedwig and Dobby made me cry the most but, I think that the death of Sirius was the most powerful.  It was Harry's last link to his parents.   

6. Choose a generation to attend school with: the Marauders (Harry's parents), Harry & friends, or Harry's children. Which would you want to be a part of, and why?

The Marauders!  I would have loved to be the first female Marauder!  I would also love if Rowling would come back and do a whole new series on just their lives!

7. Marauder's Map or Invisibility Cloak?
Invisibility Cloak because I have no chance of every going to Hogwarts *dang age limit* so the map would do me no good.  However with an invisability cloak one could get away with some really fun adventures!

So there it is I hope this is the first week in many of these posts.  It was really fun thinking about the answers to these questions some were pretty hard!

So I Decided I Should Join Bloglovin...

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Oh How Lovely...

When I started this blog I never imagined I would have anybody that would care what I had to say or even actually read my blog.  As I looked at my dashboard this morning I saw I had 43 followers.  I feel so blessed that y'all have choose to tag along on this journey with me!  I may not be the most exciting, but I truly love what I am doing!  I just wanted to take a little time this morning to say thank you for sticking around!  Thanks for all the sweet comments you have left over the last couple of months.  I hope to get better at this blogging thing as I go along.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

What a Sweet Story...


   In High School my friend told me about you, he said we would be perfect for each other.  I didn't believe this at the time.  I was dating the quarterback of our football team and you worked too much.  So he gave you my number anyway, and you wrote it in your school planner.  Eight years passed and we had both started living our own lives.  You worked as a farmer, and I had moved to Nashville to try to become more than just another little country girl in a small town.  Then something horrible happened, Granddaddy got really sick and I had to move home.  No longer could I go and do as I pleased,  and I was happy to be home taking care of him except that it got so lonely, and all my friends were away at school.

   So, my friend mentioned you again and gave you my number.  I waited what seemed like forever for you to text, in reality it was only an hour!  You texted me, and since then we have probably exchanged over 100,000+ texts.  We texted for a couple of days and then decided we should go on a double date with our friend and his girlfriend.  Then granddaddy went into the hospital.  He had to stay there a week, and I missed our first date because I would not leave him alone.  You helped me get through that week when I thought I would loose the most important man in my life.  I will never forget the compassion you showed for a girl you barely knew.

   I fell in love with you that week, we had never talked or even met since high school, but I knew you were the man I would be with for the rest of my life.  This scared me more than anything else, I had been hurt so many times and lost so many people that I loved.  I didn't want to love you, but I did.  Granddaddy got better and we went home and we continued texting.  The next weekend we planned our double date, and this time everything worked out.  We went to eat at a Mexican restaurant and came back to the house and talked for hours.  We were so alike in so many ways, but so different at the same time.

   A week later you asked me to be your girlfriend,  I laughed, but said yes!  After that it was five months of you coming over to Granddaddy's house to watch movies and talk.  We had unlimited time to get to know each other and I told you everything.  I was terrified of what I was feeling I had never know a love so strong and real.  You were there the night he passed away and you stayed with me as I recovered over the next couple of months.  We talked about marriage, babies, and our future together.  I was so thankful that I had you in my life because if you were not there I do not know where I would be today.  You were my strength when I couldn't find it in myself.

   We started talking about renovating the house and made plans that we would both live there when it was finished.  You asked me to be your wife standing in front of that old house and it was perfect.  We tore the sucker down, and rebuilt it the way we wanted it,  Granddaddy made sure that we had the money we needed to make the house ready for grandbabies which he wanted so badly to see.

   I moved in with you and your parents when the house was at the point it was unlivable.  Six months of wedding planning in your mothers house prepared me for... well anything.  I was used to living alone by then, but we made it work.  We went through your old school books and found my number.

   July 17, 2010 we said our I Do's it was not what other's would consider a storybook wedding, but it was ours.  It was beautiful to me and I will never forget the way I felt that day.  I knew with you by my side I could take on the world.

   It's been two and a half years and our love grows every day.   I would never change a single sentence in our love story because it is what makes us love each other so much.  

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Deck The Halls Y'all...

Well since Thanksgiving has come and gone the Simmons' family has gotten in the Christmas Spirit!  Hubby has been on a ladder all morning hanging lights on the front of our house, and I got to break out the Christmas wreath for the front door, our huge light up Santa has even been taken out of hiding!  The last couple days have been hectic with a sick mother in-law and an on vacation husband, it has been like a circus around this house!  I didn't even remember to take pictures of Thanksgiving *tear*.  I did snap one of the night before when I was making my homemade dressing and listening to Lana Del Rey which I shared in my last post, and the tryptophan aftermath!

One good thing about this week is I got to spend some much need quality time with the hubby, this translates into we went hunting.
So as I listen to the She and Him Christmas album *without any shame*  I am so glad that it's the time of year when everything just feels warm and fuzzy!  Plus I have a birthday quickly approaching, which makes me feel a little lot old so any good feeling is welcomed!  So everyone fill your mugs up with boiled custard or eggnog *depending on where your from*, put on a little holiday music, and take in all the amazing holiday cheer.

Weekend Bloggy Reading

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

So What Wednesday...

So this week has been crazy so far!  SO... I wanted to do a quick "so what" post!

                                            So What Wednesday

  • So what if I got up at 5 am to go sit in a deer stand with my hubby!                                                                   

  • So what if I have been a little bit behind blogging this week *I'll do better lovelies I promise*
  • So what if it has been so hot I have wore shorts and flip flops in November.
  • So what if I made Paula Dean's dressing recipe for Thanksgiving not Gran's.  
  • So what if I am not planning on getting all dressed up this Thanksgiving *it's only going to be me, the hubby and the in-laws*
  • So what if my dog thinks she is a human that's her own prerogative!
So lovelies that's my list!  Hope everyone is having a great week so far.  I know I am!  I also hope that everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving my lovely Americans or wonderful day depending on where you are reading from!  Safe travels!  

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Wild Wonderful Weekends...

So this weekend was a blur!  Thursday night at 12 we left for Fort Walton Beach FL.  We made a pit stop at the rest area in Huntsville AL, and had a photo op with a random spaceship!


We arrived there at 8 am, and the rest of the crew caught some z's.  I on the other hand just stayed up admiring the view from our balcony.  I also was able to watch an airshow with four beautiful war planes fly around right over my head!


We then all got dressed up and went to see Billy do his thing at the Elgin Air Force Base.  It was so nice we had the most amazing meal and got to see so many amazing men and women who volunteer their time to serve in the honor guard.


After that we all went back to the condo and passed out, well after I managed to get lost coming back from getting ice!  The next day was my sight seeing day.  I was able to go to Destin which was only 7 miles away from where we were staying and shop!  Who doesn't like love a little beach front shopping!


So that was a little run through of my weekend get away with my precious family!

By the way for all my lovelies that have been keeping up with my senior year progress I got my grade back for my senior paper and I PASSED!  Yay, so I can officially plan to graduate next May after completing my internship!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Good Morning Lovelies....

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend I know I did.  I just wanted to pop in and say I am back and hope to have a couple of posts done today on the events of this weenkend!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

So What, Wednesday...

                        So What Wednesday

This week I am saying so what to...

  • So what if I haven't styled my hair since I got it cut!
  • So what if I have wore sweat pants to school more than jeans this week!
  • So what if I am skipping class tomorrow to take a trip to Fort Walton Beach with my fam!
  • So what if I bought a pair of Tom's just because I can't bring myself to wear shoes that aren't flip-flops!
  • So what if I haven't taken my fur babies to the groomers in 2 months!
  • So what if I still watch Teen Mom!

So there is my little list of things I am just accepting this week.  On another note, I have been putting together my Cara Box for my wonderful partner Holly over at HelloTootsie, and I have been having so much fun gathering, and making little packages for this lovely lady!  If you do not know what Cara Box is, you should, so I am going to put a link below for you to go check it out.  So a little preview of her gift!   
So Cara means beloved friend.  Every month there is a different theme and you get partnered up with another lovely and you make fun themed boxes for each other based on information you find out from communicating and stalking their blog if they have one *it's not a requirement*!  This month's theme was childhood.  I had so much fun!  If you love getting parcels and learning about new people you should definitely check it out!
                    Grab button for Cara Box