Monday, November 5, 2012


So I was reading one of my favorite blogs this morning Kelly's Korner, and she was posting about Pure Charity.  This is a website where you sign up and make money to donate to causes by shopping!  Who doesn't love a little lot of retail therapy!  Well through this site you can shop at many different online stores and there are even groupons for places locally.  With the money you earn shopping you get to pick different causes and projects around the world to donate to!   I have linked the picture below to the learn more page of this website so if anyone is interested they can check it out!


My grandparents always stressed to me the importance of giving when I was younger, and as I have grown older I have seen how this giving helps so many people.  All over the world there are people starving and living in places not even the poorest of Americans would go in to.  If everyone would dig in their junk drawers at home or in the cushions of their couch for change they didn't even know they had, and give it to a reliable charity we could help so many people that have nothing.  I say this because a couple of cents is all it takes to help.

I feel as though I am being a little preachy, but as the holiday season approaches I think a lot about the abundance of stuff I have, and it makes my heart hurt for those out there internationally/locally that are in need.  I don't have millions of dollars to donate and I know that by myself I can not save the world.  However,  if I donate 5 dollars and 19 other's donate 5 dollars, I'm not good at math but that's a 100 dollars!  So find a charity or cause you love and give.  Whether it be a dollar or a 100 dollars every little bit helps.


I hope everyone is having a great Monday!

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