Saturday, November 10, 2012

Late Friday Five...

What I am Reading...
So now that the awful paper is turned in I have started reading again!  YAY!  I am so happy to be able to start a new book finally.  My husband and I are addicted to the show Duck Dynasty on A&E.  The hubby is an avid duck hunter so he has been familiar with the Duck Commander company since he was a kid.  I like that the show is so different then most other shows on TV.  It is very family friendly.  I know I know, your thinking why does it matter if a show is family friendly, she hasn't got kids.  Well the TV has so much crap on it these days that it is nice to have a night to watch a little good clean humor!  So back to the reading part,  I saw that the family had wrote a book, and it had just came out. So I browsed through amazon and found out I could get it for little of nothing.  So I just started it a couple of days ago and so far it is really good.

What I am Listening to...
I have been listening to a lot of oldies but goodies this week.  I found a playlist on Spotify that has nothing but 90's Alternative Rock hits on it and I am in heaven!  So here's a few of my favorites...

What I am Watching...
I am also watching Duck Dynasty on A&E on Wednesday nights!  I haven't been watching a lot of TV for the last couple of weeks I guess I got used to not having the TV on.  I do watch Guiliana and Bill though and the next episode is when their surrogate goes into labor!

What I am Eating...
Chinese, oh how I have been craving Chinese food.  Living in a small town though it is hard to get your hands on Chinese food when the craving hits so I get the WaiChai Ferry bags at Wal-Mart and have some on hand.  I haven't found any lo mien noodles that are as good as the restaurant ones so recommendations are welcomed!
What I am Pinning...
I have been pinning so many Southern pictures...
AMEN!So me....except for the bigger diamond!

Fannie Flagg

 Southern Belle Fall Checklist     The South

good boys             She's a smart little lady!           

And of course,  Harry Potter pictures *BTW I want that cake for my birthday*

future birthday cake!! WANTTT      Draco!     :))

                                                Harry Potter Quiet Boo...ummm yes
Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!


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