Sunday, January 13, 2013

I Feel Like An Adult...

So I have been a horrible blogger the last couple of weeks and I am so sorry.  I have started my internship and I absolutely love it!  I am so happy I ended up at the Nursing Home.  I have however realized I don't know how to multitask!  I work for 7:30 till 5 and come home fix supper and I am ready to relax.  That leaves no time for cleaning, blogging, or even friend time *sadness*. I think this week I am going to work on becoming more adapt to the world of getting things done at night.  I have always been one to get everything done during the day and during the week so I don't have to worry about it after supper and on the weekends.  Well my job will no longer allows that, and although I am sad I knew the day would one day come!   I am have also dealt with a stomach bug sick hubby, which is no fun.  I think men have a gene in them that reverts them back to toddlers when they get sick.  I think a woman doctor should track this gene and make a bunch of money on it to saves us wives and significant others the stress of dealing with little boys during a bout of flu or other illness!  Well I guess I will end this saying I hope all you lovelies have an amazing week!  BTW I'll have to share with all of you later this week my Pinterest project I did this weekend!


  1. congrats on the internship! sounds busy but in a good kinda way :)

    1. It is but I am having a blast, although it has cut into my blogging time!

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