Saturday, March 30, 2013

Harry Potter Fix...

I'm a little late but I wanted to get in on this link up so here goes...

1. Which character would you have liked to have read more about?
           Well I am very strange but I would love to know more about Professor Minerva McGonagall.  She was such a strong lady and I really just adored her completely in the books.  I would love to know more about her back story such as how/when she started teaching at Hogwarts.  There are lots of other characters I would love to know more about like Luna because everyone knows she is my favorite!  

2. Is there a character you think was unnecessary in the series?

            I really do not have an answer to this question.  I loved all the characters and all of them really made the series complete.  

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  1. McGonagall is one of my favorite HP characters as well. Love her.

    Isee you're a bit of a HP nerd, and I'm excited to read some of your previous posts!

    Found you on 20sb ;)