Sunday, April 7, 2013

Harry Potter Fix Pottermore Week...

Week 25 

I really like Pottermore, but I really don't have the time to play on it that I would like!  I joined when it was brand new and I'm just now getting to Chamber of Secrets!  Yeah I know I am a slacker!

-I am HazelDust31226
-I was sorted into Ravenclaw (of course!)

-My wand is Maple
-10 in
-Unicorn Core
-Quite Flexible

-I am absolutely horrible at dueling!

-I'm almost done with The Sorcerer's Stone

 I think that I play Pottermore to keep my HP Withdraws at bay.  It does have a lot of fun facts scattered through out but you have to do a lot and spend so much time finding them.


  1. HAHA I started off on Pottermore hardcore when it first came out but I haven't been on there in months. I think I stopped when she hadn't even released past Sorcerer's Stone. I keep forgetting about it :( It is so hard to find things to keep the HP withdraws at bay.


  2. Omg, love your blog!


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