Wednesday, December 5, 2012

It's Finals Time...

So tomorrow I will be taking my last final as an undergrad student...  I am soo freakin excited!  I have made note cards in which I looked every question up on our study guide, and I have been studying my non-existent butt off!
 I can not believe that I have finally made it this far.  I went for my final interview this Monday and the teacher about made me cry with all their sweet words.  Needless to say lovelies I will be starting my internship this January 10th!

I also wanted to share a funny story that happened to me this week!  So I was in the library on campus studying my little note-cards and listening to music on my phone.  I had stole the headphones from my iPad to use in my phone and never even realized I should check the volume on the iPad.  Sometime after I had started my music my iPad decided to start playing the audio-book I had been listening to the night before full volume!  I listen to a whole song before I noticed I was giving the whole library a taste of my book I've been listening too!  The funny thing is no one looked my way or even walked over to tell me to turn it down.  Finals time at UT is crazy and I am glad because even with no one saying anything I was mortified!

I haven't thought about it till now, but it is also So What Wednesday.  This week will be a little shorter than usual because I haven't really thought of anything!

  • So what I forgot that it was Wednesday!
  • So what if I have been a little anal retentive about studying *I am 50 pts from an A!  
  • So what if I went to bed at 8 o'clock last night *a girl needs her beauty rest!  
  • So what if my list is short, I can make it up by doing a huge one next week!
                                           So What Wednesday
So lovelies have a wonderful day, and share with me what you are just saying so what to!


  1. haha love the audio book story :) i'm sure everyone wanted to know what happened next!

    1. Lol! I know, I should have announced another listening party tomorrow after my final!

  2. Following you from the GFC Blog Hop :)
    xx Sandra

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