Friday, December 21, 2012

It's my Birthday...

So yes today is my 26th Birthday.  Everyone has been asking me all day what I am doing, and the answer to that is nothing!  I have a very simple life, and I enjoy it!  The hubby is taking me to eat at my favorite Mexican restaurant tonight and that will be it.  Tomorrow a couple of my friends are coming over to fix me supper and watch a movie, and I am thrilled!  I wish I could say that we were going to some exotic warm place to celebrate, but that would not be us.  I am glad that I have a day to spend with my husband doing absolutely nothing at all but enjoying his and my fur babies company.  I have never really celebrated birthdays due to it being so near Christmas and I am ok with that.  I hope that everyone is having a great week!


  1. Thank you everyone for the Happy Birthday's

  2. Hey, new follower from the blog hop. Happy belated birthday! Hope it was a good one. :) Looking forward to reading more of your blog.


    1. I love new followers, especially ones that are in bands!