Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Ok I Admit It...

I am a nerd!  I love all things magical  and mysterious.  I have always wanted to be a vampire and my trip to Disney World was made complete when Belle my favorite princess told me I was beautiful!  I have always been a nerd, I don't think anyone that falls into that category wakes up one day and says you know I think I want to be a nerd.  It just happens.  You learn to accept it and do not care that other's do not understand why you still love Harry Potter now that the movies are finished or why you want to re read books over and over even though they have been made into movies.  If you have never experienced the delight of feeling like a little kid because the new season of your favorite show has come back on and you have been patiently waiting and dreaming of what it was going to be like I feel for you.  It is an amazing feeling!  I think that adults need to hold onto at least a little part of childhood amazement because it is what keeps me from going crazy at times!

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