Friday, September 14, 2012

The Friday Five

  1. What I'm reading: 
  At the moment I am pulling books I love from my collection and re reading them.  I find that every couple of years I just want to go back to my ole faithfuls. They make me feel good.  Right now I guess with all the Fifty Shades of Grey madness going on, which I have not gotten sucked into yet,  I decided to start reading my Sleeping beauty trilogy by Anne Rice again!  They are very risque and are very much on the same line as the Grey series from what I hear.

2. What I'm listening to:
Pandora is my friend and I had some errands I had to run for the house and so I plugged my Iphone into Betty (my car) and cranked up the Coldplay channel.  There is just something about Coldplay that makes me feel good riding with the windows down!

 3. What I'm eating:
Well I have just recently discovered I am fan of Chobani yogurt. It is so good, not to sweet but not funky tasting like some other Greek yogurts I've had before.  The peach is my favorite!

I am also loving the 100 calorie guacamole packs that Walmart now has.  They are so good and taste homemade!  I am not the most healthy person, but I have been trying to make better choices so I use them on my turkey wraps that I make for my lunch instead of using mayo Nom Nom! 
4. What I'm watching:
I am watching a couple of shows right now regularly.  Well I saw regularly technically I am DVRing a lot of my shows and watching them all on Friday nights because of the senior paperthat presently is the entirety of my life during the week and most of the weekend!  I am a little bit of a kid on some of my shows and I love them even if they are teeny bopperish!  On Monday I record Switched at Birth and at first I didn't know if I would really like it and continue watching, but I ended up and fan.
On Wednesday I record Paranormal Witness which I love. I have a soft spot for anything thing horror!  It is a little bit on the cheesy side sometimes though.  Most the time however they have a good story on and they are all different not just your same old Ohhmurgosh there's a ghost in my closet story!   

  5. What I'm pinning:

Now to something I love love love Pinterest!  I am very much a pin freak so I get caught up on searching for things on Pinterest and go crazy for a day or two.  Here recently it is Disney.  My fixation comes from the trip I took to Disney World this summer with my best friend, and the many posts popping up in my feed thanks to another blogger Mandi from Finding Home.  I really enjoy all the different outfit ideas people put together for all the Disney characters.  Here are a few of my favorites.

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