Sunday, September 23, 2012

What I Believe...

Encouraging Bible Verse

I have a bad habit of becoming very overwhelmed.  I think everyone at some point becomes overwhelmed, whether it be with school, jobs, or life in general.  I find myself more and more taking moments and sneaking a little prayer to God to help me out a bit, and the greatest part is HE does.  I know that growing up I was taught to pray for my family and friends, we prayed at dinner to thank God for our food, but now as an adult I pray that God help me be a better person in situations I am put in.  I also pray that He helps me when I am overwhelmed and just think I can not go on.  I know that there were times in my life when I was at a cross road and sometimes I took the wrong path, and I regret that.  Other times I took time to ask God which way was best and guess what... when I listened he directed me!  God's way is always better than my way, even though sometimes my way looks so much more fun.  Just a thought...  are you at a crossroad, take time and say a little prayer, it may save you a whole lot of time back tracking!       

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