Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Real "Real" World

So if you ever run the channels like I do you have seen or at least heard of the show the Real World on MTV.  It has been on since the 90's and is still very popular it seems.  I was thinking about what to write today and it just came to me that how in the world could they possible really think that was a logical name for a show?  For one most of the people on the show are in there early twenties and beautiful, which in reality is maybe a tenth of the people on the earth.  We are not all size zeros with a huge chests or beautifully ripped abs, here in the real world we are all different shapes and sizes and all different ages.  Another main focus of the show is booze.  Well here in the real world yes there are boozers but it's only a fraction of the world that stay intoxicated half as much as the kids on the show do.  Thirdly, the fights, this is what most people watch the show for I think.  Everyone is always fighting and getting upset about something.  I think that if this show really represented the "real world"  we would be in more trouble then we already are.  I guess being so close to graduating and getting ready to go out into the real world it honestly makes me nervous.  I have lived for 25 years where all I had to do was go to school and make sure I was doing all I could to better myself for the future, and now that the time has arrived I am terrified!  Have I learned enough to be able to stand out in my field?  Will I really be able to make a difference?  I guess everyone has the same questions when they are getting ready to graduate.  I know that I have the skills and drive to do my best and that is all that matters!

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