Saturday, October 27, 2012

Halloween Bash...

Last night was the first annual Simmons Halloween Bash at our house, and let me just say we had a blast!  We had zombies and people from other decades, we even had a guest show up that no one knew till they took their mask off!  This last bit was a bit terrifying, but we made it through and me being the Southern host I am, I offered her some tea and kept on mingling!  The mystery guest ended up being a friends mom come to scare us all!  We has tons of ghoulish food, everything from white trash dip to bloody band aids!  We even had a creepy lady named dead Donna that just kept screaming and would not leave our stairs.  My husband had such a great time messing with the kids with his scarecrow costume, today has been nothing but kid talk from him.  You know everyone says you have less fun as you get older, I beg to differ.  Our friends make each holiday special.  We each have the holidays we take care of so we can all celebrate together, and we all have a blast.  So I think we have adopted a new holiday to celebrate together, and there is even talk of rotating it through the group!  So now on to the fun part, sharing some pictures from the festivities!   

Dead Donna was a hit!

 Here are some of the best of the group pictures!


The best friends:
Noelle as Ravenclaw student, Brittney as Minnie, me as the big bad wolf, and Ashlee in a toga! ,
Bloody band-aide prototype!

Hubby posing for pictures!
 One another note, I am still sick, so I wasn't able to make it to Memphis with Ms. Brittney today, which makes me very sad.  Maybe next year.  Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend, and keeping warm!

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