Monday, October 15, 2012

Happy Monday/ Weekend Update

This weekend has been super busy, and even though I should have been working on my paper I took a break.  Friday night my friends and I decided we would go to Senior night at the high school we graduated from.  I am a former band geek, and really wanted to see the field show for this year. GCHS has always been known for our marching band, and currently are the state champs!  Our football team on the other hand is HORRIBLE!  They won a total of 3 games the whole four years I was there.  It was a blast from the past, and we had fun cheering on the team even though they were beaten very badly in the end.

Saturday was a very full day.  It was my Aunt Sissy's birthday, so we went and ate with her at Reelfoot lake.  We also had Fall fest at our church, and got to watch all the little kids have a blast.  Honestly, I think the adults had more fun playing volleyball and grilling!  We had a hayride which was fun, especially since we live in the middle of nowhere and there are so many creepy gravel roads!
Pastor Sammy, Mrs. Jenny Bradley, and Andrew 
Becky and Gary watching the kids.
Pastor Sammy, Gary, Hubby, and Andrew seeing how many marbles the can move!

Well that was my weekend...  did anyone else do any amazing Fall activities?  Hope everyone is having a great Monday.  

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