Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Lazy days...

Here recently I have not been able to find time for lazy days.  I really enjoy being able to stay home with my furbabies and do nothing.  Lately I have had something to do all the time whether it be classes or working at home on my senior project.  There are 24 hours in everyday, and the only time I have to relax is the thirty minutes, give or take my exhaustion  I lay in bed with my husband every night.  Well today I decided I would take the afternoon off and relax.  Which is what I am doing.  I was able to finish my homework for tomorrow by lunch, and since then have been firmly rooted to the couch watching TV and looking through all my favorite blogs.  I have not even changed out of my pj's.  Yes I do know how much of a slacker this may make me sound like, but a girl deserves a mental health day every now and then!  My southern belle grandmother is most likely rolling over in her grave as I type this, because here in The South a lady is supposed to be presentable: make-up, nice outfit, and hair fixed at all times.  Well Grams this girl took a day off!

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