Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Our Secret Is Out..

So I have been determined not to tell anyone that Joel and I are trying to have a baby.  I thought maybe if I didn't tell, it would be less awkward.  It is taking us longer than some to make a little bundle of joy, and even though I am anxious I know in God's time it will happen.  Anyway onto the secret being let out...  Pinterest!  My baby fever has caused me to pin many baby related things, and this has lead everyone to the understanding that we are finally trying to make a little  baby S!  You know when I started pinning baby items and pictures I never thought that people would just assume that was what I was meaning (even though secretly it was).  I have come to terms that people will find out that we are trying and it's ok I will deal with it, smile, and go on about my business.  Has anyone else ever dealt with having a secret, and it coming out because of something you did or said without meaning to?
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